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This project consisted of the installation of a new riser for an existing underground pipeline while keeping the pipeline itself in full operation.  Two stopples and a bypass pipe were constructed to ensure that there would be no loss of production while the new risers and header system were being installed to bring the pipeline above ground.  Our role consisted of fabrication of the bypass pipe and riser system to the final stage of commissioning the header system for full operation.


Project Scope


• Fabrication of bypass pipe and header system that was completed at the PIPE-WATCH INC. yard.

• All fabricated pipe was hydro tested and quality control documents were completed.

• Once on site, pipeline was exposed by trenching out a 200 foot area by hyrdo-vac then excavating with a 250 foot link belt.

• Once the excavation was completed and the pipeline fully exposed, measurements were taken for the new risers and fabrication of these risers was started.

• Piles were installed in the ditch to support pipe where stopples were going to be placed, as well as all piles for new risers were installed.

• Once stopples were installed on pipe, all the bypass pipe was assembled above ground and tied into stopples.

• Once bypass pipe was in place and torqued to specifics, stopples were set and flow was diverted.

• Using a vac truck, the piping between the two stopples, which needed to be removed before new risers could be set, was drained.

• Once line was deemed safe, sections of the pipe were cut out using pneumatic cold cutters on both sides where risers were to be tied into the pipeline.

• Cranes were used to position the risers into place.

• Risers were tied into pipeline with no stress and all valves were bolted on and torqued.

• Spray foam was used underneath risers as support before any backfilling took place.

• Risers were then flooded and checked for leaks and bypass pipe was drained and removed.

• Header system was then bolted to the risers and torqued to specifics.

• When all flanges were torqued and checked, the system was then commissioned.


Project Outcomes


• All piping was installed stress free.

• Pipe was brought above ground for easier tie-ins which will increase the productivity of all ENT sites now and in the future for the 20" Peace Line.

• No environmental or OH&S incidents occured during this project.

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